Alaska State Trooper Anne Sears receives national honor for “Never Quitting”

Alaska State Trooper Anne Sears was honored for receiving the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) “Never Quit” Award last Thursday.  Sears was named a winner of the award during a special presentation during the AFSCME 42nd Biennial Convention in Las Vega, Nevada. 

Nearly 6000 delegates and guests cheered for Sears and more than a few teared up as they learned about her devotion to the people of Alaska.  In a career spent investigating domestic violence, child abuse and alcohol and drug offenses, Anne works for justice for the most vulnerable every single day.

 The Never Quit Service award honors AFSCME members who regularly demonstrate great pride and dedication to their work. It highlights public service workers who go the extra mile in their work every day and show their neighbors, friends, and family what it truly means to serve their community and state. 

Sears has worked as a Trooper for the Alaska Department of Public Safety for 15 years. Her job posts include in Fairbanks, Nome, Palmer and Galena. Over her career, she has protected and served Alaskans through her work in the DPS rural, drug and alcohol, and the Alaska Bureau of Investigation units.  Prior to service as an Alaska State Trooper, she worked for the Juneau Police Department. Anne is proud graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School.

AFSCME honored 12 members last week from across the country with three different Never Quit awards: those for activism, innovation and service.

“I never expected to be honored like this. I just love helping the people of Alaska. My work as an Alaska State Trooper means so much to me, and I can’t imagine doing anything else,” said Sears.

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