Wedding Bells: Mary Ruud and Dylan Pomrenke

The families of Mary Ruud and Dylan Pomrenke are delighted to announce that they were married on January 21, 2021 outside their home on Anvil Mountain in Nome, Alaska.

Mary is the daughter of Edna Iyatunguk and Marty Ruud. Dylan is the son of Jeanette Koelsch and Shawn Pomrenke. Dylan’s dad officiated the wedding.

The beloved couple were married under a rustic wooden arch, adorned with flowers made by Dylan. Mary wore a beautiful parka that she made uniquely for their snowy nuptials. It was a small, simple and joyous occasion, filled with love and happiness.

We hope to host a reception later in 2021 to celebrate Mary and Dylan’s commitment and love for one another. Thank you to the family and friends that helped plan and organize their lovely winter wedding.


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