City Clerk Bryant Hammond tallies the votes in last Tuesday's municipal election.

Beneville re-elected Mayor of Nome

Out of 2,662 eligible voters registered to vote in Nome, only 492, or 18.48 percent, made it to Old St. Joe’s on Tuesday to cast their ballots for one mayor, two council members, two Nome Joint Utilties Board seats and two School Board seats.
The following results were canvassed by the Nome Common Council on Thursday:
The only race that saw a challenger to the incumbent was the race for mayor. Incumbent Richard Beneville prevailed and garnered 300 votes, or 62 percent of the vote, with challenger Keith Morrison receiving 175, or 36 percent of the vote. Beneville now will start his third two-year term as mayor of Nome.
There were 12 write ins for the mayoral race.
Council seat E, a three-year seat, was uncontested and incumbent Jerald Brown received 420 votes. There were 30 write-ins.
Council seat F, also a three-year seat, did not see any competition either and incumbent Mark Johnson got 425 votes. There were 33 write-ins.
Incumbent of Utility Board seat A, a two-year term, is Pat Knodel and he received 437 votes. He also ran uncontested.There were 18 write-ins.
Incumbent of Utility Board seat D, Chuck Wheeler, did not run again and there was no candidate for that seat. Voters cast 180 write-in votes. Of those, 29 votes were for Larry Pederson and 26 votes were for Gerald Hughes, 125 votes for other people. There will be a runoff election between those two write-in candidates. Seat D holds a three-year term.
Incumbents for School Board seats A and E were also re-elected. Seat A, held by Darlene Trigg, is a three-year seat and 388 voters cast their ballots for her to continue to serve on the board. There were 47 write-in votes.
School Board seat E incumbent Dr. Barb Amarok received 404 votes, with 42 write-ins.
There was no ballot measure to be voted on in this 2019 municipal election.


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