Tom Moran during the interview in front of City Council members when he was hired as city manager in August 2015.

City settles severance pay with Tom Moran

The City of Nome has closed the deal on severance pay to its former city manager, Thomas Moran, who left the position in September.
After the Council came out of a three-hour executive session on personnel Sept.17, Moran gave the panel his 30-day notice of resignation. Moran held the city manager position for seven years, with his latest full contract expiring Sept. 15, 2018 at which time he said he desired to leave, but then discovered he had to give 90-day notice that he would not renew his contract.
“When I signed my extension, it contained a 30-day notice clause, saying that I or the City could give the other a 30-day notice and go our separate ways, so effective tonight, when I go upstairs after this meeting, I will in writing send each of you a copy of my resignation letter, effective 30 days from tonight,” he said then.
Moran had been summoned to the executive session at a special meeting to discuss his job by Council members Jerald Brown and Mark Johnson.
In another executive session at a recent meeting, the Council discussed Moran’s still undetermined severance pay. “We had a difference of opinion concerning what Mr. Moran felt he was entitled to for severance pay,” John Handeland, interim city manager said. “The amount was significant. Our attorney contacted his attorney.
  They proposed a package of $10,000, which we negotiated down to $6,500, with release of any other claims. Attorney’s fees and litigation would cost more than this,” Handeland said.

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