Glenn Steckmann

Council Oks city manager contract with Glenn Steckman

According to his employment agreement with the City of Nome, unanimously approved Oct. 14, William Glenn Steckman III will become Nome’s new city manager effective Nov. 11.
The initial term of Steckman’s job will be three years at an annual salary of $140,000 with an opportunity for a raise in pay following an evaluation by the Nome Common Council after one year of service. An annual increase each year will depend on a written performance evaluation by the Council.
Steckman will build time off at a rate of 24 hours per month. Currently living in Pennsylvania, Steckman can get reimbursement for up to $10,000 for moving expenses, which he must refund to the City should he terminate his employment short of the initial three years. The contract supplies a cell phone and a city vehicle for business and personal use, along with gas, communication equipment, insurance and maintenance.
Other benefits include health insurance for Steckman, his spouse and dependents and a $50,000 term life insurance policy.
The City or Steckman, according to the agreement, may terminate the agreement with 60 days’ notice, giving a stated reason or no reason. In either case, the City may terminate Steckman’s employment immediately or within 60 days.
The agreement has in writing the following explanation of the ability for either party to end the employment:
“Because of the professional and executive nature of the city manager position, it is agreed that the City’s business can only succeed if the city manager and the Common Council enjoy a working relationship based on mutual respect, trust and positive attitudes,” the contract reads. “It maybe therefore be impossible to quantify ‘unsatisfactory performance’ or ‘just cause’ for termination given the complexities which often involve personality factors as opposed to legal or contractual factors.”
In other business, the City of Nome received a letter from Marty McGee, state assessor, informing them that the state had determined as of Jan. 1, 2019, the full and true value of taxable real property and personal property in the community was $368,345,351 and $100,292,837 for a total of $468,638,188. The figure is used to determine Nome’s lawful contribution to support schools. The City has 30 days to appeal the valuation to state Superior Court.
John K. Handeland, interim city manager, told the Council the valuation was higher than last year.
The Council unanimously supported Jacob Martin, nominated by Nome Eskimo Community, to represent the district as a director on the board of Northern Bering Sea Regional Aquaculture Association. As the NBSRAA received only the one nomination, the group is still recruiting for an alternate to Martin.
An alternate or director must maintain a mailing address and domicile in the Norton Sound Economic Development Corp. district and be eligible for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend at the address for the entire term. Recognized by the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, this Regional Aquaculture Assn. appoints half a six-member Regional Planning Team which prepares comprehensive salmon plans to rehabilitate salmon stocks and supplement salmon production. Additionally, the panel reviews hatchery management plans and makes recommendations on hatchery permits. Charlie Lean is the Regional Planning Team chairman.
In another action item, the Council passed a proclamation designating Nov. 1 as Nome’s annual “Extra Mile Day,’ which urges Nome citizens to maximize their personal history, staffing in place and discussed additional contributions by giving of themselves wholeheartedly and with total effort, commitment and convictions to their individual ambitions, families, friends and community, according to the resolution.
Handeland reported that in a work session with Chief Bob Estes the Council reviewed crime statistics, budget history, current staffing in place, and discussed additional staff for NPD.
The bulk of a request from Chief Estes was three additional officers (10 instead of 7); an additional investigator—two instead of one; additional Community Service Officers—four instead of 2. In addition to figuring the cost of personnel additions, training and equipment will be increased. Funding for part-time investigators had not been included in the adopted budget. All this was considered in the estimate of an additional $1 million needed for the Nome Police Dept., Handeland said.
The City has started recruitment for another police chief based on Estes’ resignation effective 90 days or less.

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