WHERE THERE’S SMOKE—Rapid response and thick sheetrock inside limited loss to mostly smoke damage when Twin Dragon Restaurant caught fire just before midnight Thursday, May 25.

Fire closes Twin Dragon Restaurant

Fire code observance, quick response and a merciful wind kept a downtown restaurant from bursting into a full blaze Thursday night at midnight.
The fire, attributed to electrical issues, broke out just before midnight Thursday night, May 25, at Twin Dragon, a dining spot at Front and Steadman streets in downtown Nome.
The fire brigade got the callout at 11:53 p.m. and arrived on the scene three minutes later, according to Fire Chief Jim West Jr. of Nome Volunteer Fire Dept.
“There is smoke damage throughout. One-half inch sheet rock, required for commercial buildings, stopped the fire from flaming up,” West said, “but five minutes later in arriving, there would have been a lot more damage. It didn’t get into the rafters.”
The wind cooperated by blowing to the east and away from the church sitting close to the back of the restaurant to the north.
NVFD stationed Ladder Truck No. 9 behind Twin Dragon to protect the church. Truck No. 7 stood on Steadman Street at the west side of the popular Asian food spot, while another truck took a position on East Front.
Nome Volunteer Ambulance Dept. stood by with a crew of four volunteers throughout the fire. West reported neither injuries nor fatalities.
“We had it under control in about 30 minutes, and finished mopping up at around quarter past 2 a.m.,” he said.  “We had to perform our due diligence in going over the building to make sure there weren’t any extensions [into nooks and crannies] where it would flare up later. It wasn’t a kitchen fire; we think it started under the front counter with an electrical issue.”
West ruled out vandalism.
“The staff left at about 10:45 p.m. with the restaurant all locked up. We had to gain access through the front door, which had a deadbolt in place.”
Owners could not be reached for comment. West said he thought the building could be repaired and that the owners had insurance.
Two of Nome’s restaurants closed last week. Airport Pizza, owned by Bill Howell, closed permanently on Wednesday, May 24.
Howell is headed out to Tacoma, Wash., to join spouse Luiza Howell and to enjoy time “being a grandpa,” he said last week.

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