BEAUTIFICATION— Northrim Bank donated thirty potted geranium plants for the beautification of Nome. Paul Kosto of the Chamber of Commerce was among those hanging the plants on utility poles on Front Street

Geraniums beautify Front Street

Nome’s Front Street is now adorned with hanging baskets of geraniums. According to Nome Chamber of Commerce CEO Paul Kosto the baskets are a gift from Northrim Bank, one of the large businesses, which may become a community partner in the chamber. The bank may be opening up in Nome.
“We talked to one of their folks and they bought us thirty hanging plants,” said Kosto while up on a stepladder attaching a bracket. “Northern Air Cargo donated flying them here out of Anchorage. And to help the Chamber of Commerce with the beautification of Nome the city bought some brackets. It’s a group effort to beautify Nome.”
John Handeland was working on a different pole to hang a basket and knew the history of the practice. “I think it was in 2001 that we first started doing this with the Lions Club and a couple of individuals. Seeing how other communities had beautified themselves why can’t Nome do it, too? So for several years we did it and then some of the people moved out of town so it kind went by the wayside. A couple years ago Josie Bahnke, when she was city manager, resurrected it and then she left and I guess now with the Chamber of Commerce and some benevolence by Northrim Bank we’re here doing it again.”
Asked about it Mayor Richard Beneville expressed anxiety about vandalism, the baskets being in what is probably the rowdiest part of town.
“If everything arrives on time we’re going to add thirty American flags,” said the mayor. “What a kick in the Hello Central!”
 Asked by the Nugget if the flags are made in USA Kosto confirmed that they are.


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