John Handeland won the race for mayor of Nome to fill the remainder of the two-year term, started by the late Mayor Richard Beneville.

John Handeland wins mayoral race

As a fall storm started to brew outside, inside Old St. Joe’s the election judges, the Nome City Clerk and his deputy were at hand to announce the unofficial, preliminary 2020 municipal election results to the two media representatives present.
In a clear victory, Interim Mayor John Handeland won the mayoral race with 312 votes cast for him, or 55 percent of the vote.
Colleen Deighton received 124 votes, or 22 percent.
Ken Hughes got 109 votes, or 19 percent.
Down ballot, the rest of the elections were for uncontested seats.
For Nome Common Council Seat A, Adam Martinson received 490 votes, with 37 write ins. For Seat B, Doug Johnson got 479 votes, with 34 write ins. Derek McLarty held on to seat B on the Utility Board with 475 seats, as did Carl Emmons, who got 508 votes to remain in Seat E of the Utility Board.
Jill Peters, running for School Board Seat B, received 496 votes.
In all, 567 ballots were cast, including absentee, bring voter turnout to 21.5 percent of the 2,645 registered Nome voters.

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