Man charged on felonies and DUI in vehicle roll-over

Drinking rum with friends at Cabin Rock on Memorial Day evening ended with Steven Gillette, 25, facing criminal charges of Class C Felony assault and Driving Under the Influence, according to court documents. Two of the three passengers in the vehicle Gillette was driving received injuries.
When heading north on the Nome-Teller Highway, Cabin Rock looms above the right side of the road and resembles a log cabin with a view.
Just after 10 p.m., Alaska State Troopers received a report of a single vehicle rollover with injuries, on the Nome-Teller Highway near Penny River Bridge.
Sleuthing by Alaska State Troopers found that Becky Kunayak, one of the passengers and the owner of the vehicle, had received injuries in the crash. However, Kunayak did not want to say the name of the driver without having an attorney.
AST Sgt. Charles Cross, working on the investigation, telephoned the person reporting the accident. That person reported dropping off Kunayak for treatment and dropping off Benjamin Milton and a woman later identified as Angelina Kogassagoon at their residence. “Milton was in obvious pain as he walked. He told me he is sore from the crash,” Cross said in an affidavit in court records. Gillette had wanted to drive, Milton reported.
Milton said Gillette was driving in excess of  “75 miles per hour to get back to Nome in time to get to the liquor store before it closed,” Cross said in the affidavit.
Cross responded to a residence in town where Gillette had been dropped off. He found Gillette hiding in a closet upstairs, Cross said. Gillette took a Standard Field Sobriety Tests, which he failed. A subsequent Breath Alcohol Concentration, or BrAC test, at 11:35 p.m. registered over the legal limit of alcohol.
AST arrested Gillette on Driving Under the Influence and two counts of Assault 3—Cause Injury with Weapon. Troopers transported Gillette to Nome Police Dept. where he submitted to another BrAC. Gillette was remanded to Anvil Mountain Correctional Center on charges. His first felony appearance was May 31, at which time he was in custody, according to court records.

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