OFFICE SPACE – With the construction done and the move to its new facilities complete, the Nome Superior Court is up and running. Superior Court Judge Romano DiBenedetto is shown here working in his new office.

Nome Court has moved into its new quarters

The Nome Trial Court has moved into new quarters in the old hospital at 506 W. 5th Ave. The remodeling of the space occupied by the court is nearly complete. “We’re mostly moved in but there are still little details still being worked on,” said Court Clerk Crystal Toolie. “Like our front desk counter needs the bullet proof glass installed. Our parking lot will have plug-ins installed. But we are mostly moved in and everything is mostly complete.”
The court system did not renew their lease on offices in the Federal Building on Front St.
The official functions of the court are up and running, said Toolie. “We are able to record so we’re having all of our hearings telephonically. That has already started.”
The first event involving people present was a grand jury session on Wednesday, with 14 jurors present. Toolie showed where markers on the rug would show jurors where to place themselves in accordance with social distancing.
How do the court’s nine employees like the new location? “They all love it,” said Toolie. “They miss the scenic view from the last location, but they love this new facility. We wish there was a little bit more storage space but we like how functional this space is.”


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