The Nome Common Council took up several big-ticket money measures on the Jan. 25 regular meeting agenda. Other discussion covered benefit shares, fuel prices and a get-together in Orlando. The Nome...
MONGOLIAN DELEGATION–A group of 15 Mongolian officials visited Nome earlier this week to learn about how Alaskans deal with domestic violence. With the assistance of two translators, the delegation met with members of the Nome Social Justice Task Force and the Bering Sea Women’s Group boards.
A group of 15 Mongolian officials arrived in Nome earlier this week to learn how Alaskans address domestic violence. The delegation included law enforcement, medical and social workers as well as two...
MARINE ADVOCATE— Kawerak’s Austin Ahmasuk leads through the  second Bering Strait Voices on Arctic Shipping on January 25 and 26.
Kawerak Inc.’s Marine Advocacy program invited 15 tribal representatives from Norton Sound and Bering Strait villages to Nome to continue a discussion about how to prepare for the increase in Arctic...


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