Joseph L. Cross Jr.

Joseph L. Cross Jr.

Oct. 26, 1973 ~ Oct. 5, 2020

It is with great sadness that the family of Joseph L. Cross, Jr. announce his passing. Joseph L. Cross, Jr., “Antoghame, Joe or Yo-yo”, was born October 26, 1973 and died October 5, 2020.

Joe was a good baby, he was a curious child who loved to take things apart to figure out how they worked, and as a young man he enjoyed wrestling and shop classes. As a baby, his older sister couldn’t say “Joe Joe”, so he ended up with the nickname “Yo-yo” and when he went to kindergarten, he thought that his teacher had given him a new name, “Joe”. He graduated from Nome- Beltz High School and WyoTech, where he received certification as an automotive mechanic. Joe was a gifted carpenter. He liked fixing things, we used to say he fixed things “MacGyver” style.

Joe enjoyed hanging out with his friends, working as a carpenter and riding his bike. He tried to make everyone around him laugh. His favorite song was Iron Man by Black Sabbath and his favorite word was “uguuminaghh” or “gosh darn it” in Siberian Yupik.

Joe’s life was complicated, but he was loving and helpful, and tried to persevere despite battling addiction. As a family, we tried hard to help him but, heartbreakingly, we realized that we could only do so much.

He is survived by his parents Joe and Grace Cross, his sisters Jeanette Koelsch and Dawn Mocan. He is survived by his children, Chelsea, Joe, Elden, Mya, Blade, and Chloe, their mother’s Roben, Reva and Susan and grandchildren, Roya and Logan. He was loved by his many relatives, many nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, the Antoghame’s, Boolowon’s, Ungott’s and Smiths’.

He was preceded in death by his grandparent’s, Jack and Jane Antoghame and Joseph and Minnie Cross, his uncles Roger, Tom, Gene, his brother-in-law Ray and other beloved relatives and friends.

Joe will always be remembered by those who knew him. We will love him forever and wish that he was still here with us.

Due to the COVID pandemic, we will celebrate Joe’s life in the spring or summer of 2021. We will let family and friends know more details in the coming months.

In lieu of flowers, please consider giving to the Brother Francis Shelter and Bean’s Café at or call 907-222-7340. If you are in Nome, please consider giving to NEST, at or call 443-5259. If you or a loved one are feeling depressed and need help, please call 1-877-266-HELP or text 4help to 839863.


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