FIRST BABY IN 2022— Malachai Kimoktoak was born on January 4 at Norton Sound Regional hospital in Nome.

First baby of 2022

By Reba Lean, NSHC
Felicia Ahkvaluk and Jeffrey Kimoktoak welcomed the region’s first baby of the new year on Tuesday, Jan. 4.
Born at 9:05 a.m., Malachai Edward Kimoktoak made his grand entrance just a few days later than expected at the Norton Sound Regional Hospital. “I felt like he was being stubborn,” mom Felicia Ahkvaluk said as she looked at her sleeping boy, swaddled in the bedside bassinet.
Ahkvaluk lives in Koyuk and was in Nome awaiting the baby’s arrival for several weeks. She had a quiet holiday season as she waited for Jan. 1, which was her due date.
Dr. Lourdes Borges helped deliver the 8-pound-14-ounce and 20-inch-long Malachai after Ahkvaluk labored overnight.
Ahkvaluk will bring Malachai home in the next few days to join the family, including his dad and older brother, 2-year-old Austin Ahkvaluk. Ahkvaluk said she isn’t sure how Austin will react to a baby in the house.
“It’s always just been me and him for two years,” she said. But Ahkvaluk said Austin reportedly smiled when he heard the news about his baby brother.
Malachai is the grandson to Ronald Ozenna, Jr. of Diomede and to Tracey Kimoktoak and Steven Hoogendorn, Sr. of Koyuk.


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