Police warns of movie money in circulation

By Peter Loewi
Several bills of “Movie Money” have been found circulating in Nome. Residents – and especially businesses – should be aware that this movie prop looks very similar to legal tender.
Nome Police Department’s Deputy Chief of Police Robert Pruckner said that they haven’t seen any intent to defraud anyone, but that people should be on the lookout. “The consistency was pretty close,” he said, but they felt more like fiber than like paper. The bills also have “For Motion Picture Copy Money” printed on them, but that can be missed without closer inspection.
The Nome Chamber of Commerce posted on social media that “for a few years now around the holidays and special events, the Nome Police Department gets reports of these bills being accepted by businesses.”
As of press time on Tuesday, January 4, the Deputy Chief of Police was aware of two reports of people trying to use five-dollar bills, and there was no indication of large-scale circulation.
What should be done if you spot one? Pruckner says: "Notify NPD, but hopefully people will start to realize that these are around and we can stop their use."


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